Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Beacon Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is an IICRC firm that is certified in upholstery cleaning and is recognized as one of the most educated and experienced upholstery cleaning companies in Orange County. Upon a thorough inspection, our certified technicians will determine the proper cleaning procedure for your specific needs. We can also apply Bridgepoint’s Maxim Fine Fabric Protector or MicroSeal to ensure your fine fabrics continue to have lasting beauty between cleanings.

Our Cleaning Process

  1. We inspect your furniture to determine the proper cleaning method and to address your areas of concern.  We will also point out any potential permanent stains.

  2. We will pre-vacuum to remove loose soil.  This could account for up to 75% of the soil being removed before cleaning.

  3. Based on the fabric of your furniture and the amount of soiling present, we apply the correct cleaning solution.

  4. We extract soil and allergens from the deep fabric fibers with state-of-the-art cleaning and rinsing equipment.

  5. If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques will be used.

  6. We groom the fabric to enhance the drying process.

  7. If necessary and desired, we may also apply special fabric protector treatments

Six Reasons You Should Always Get Carpet Protector

  1. Reduces permanent stains. A great looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spillage as well as protected carpet. Protector will allow you to remove spots and spills more effectively, therefore helping you to avoid permanent staining.
  2. Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed. Traffic area soil is very abrasive and cuts carpet yarns like a knife. This damaging soil can easily bond to an unprotected carpet. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively.
  3. Make spots easier to remove. The easier a spot is to remove, the less cleaner you will have to use. The less agitation you will have to use, and the less time it will take. Many spots can be removed easily with just water.
  4. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective. Having protector applied to your carpet will enhance your next cleaning. More soil will be removed the next time your carpeting is professionally cleaned.
  5. Helps avoid costly service calls. Although you want to call us to handle any spot you cannot remove immediately, carpet protector helps you remove more spots than you could without protector. You may be able to save a minimum charge by removing the spot yourself.
  6. Your carpet will look better and last longer when it is protected